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clanwar details

date: 13.04.2013
game / squad: |WD|clan
opponent: soclose / soclose
league: [matchlink]
maps: El alamain, Caen
map result
El alamain 9 : 11
Caen 7 : 10
total 16 : 21
|WD| team: Zmudzin, GroNek, huz1, Laseczkkka
soclose team:
hltv server:


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#1 by Francis viepcz0d3cls 23.12.2014 - 00:39
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O E mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)I cherished what you have got completed at this juncture. The format is stylish, your written material elegant. Nonetheless, you got obtained an edginess to what you will be providing the next. Ill beyond doubt arrive back again yet again for a good quality deal much further in case you protect this up.

It is my only shoe of choice for summer which is why I live for summer. The most basic rubber sole, and rubber Y top. Inexpensive. Very, very popular here in NYC.

The cod (Epinephelidae) and parrotfish (Labridae), identified by only one or two pieces of dentition will also enter shallow waters for food.

<a href=></a>
<a href=></a>
<a href=></a>
<a href=></a>
<a href=></a>


#2 by Cherrie viepcz0d3cls 29.12.2014 - 11:31
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But they added that "the shares have become too richly priced to justify a continued hold."You can hardly blame the firm for taking profits after a more than nine year investment that generated gigantic returns.Bucking the trend: 7 growing companies in slowing sectorsBut another analyst argues that the stock isn't even as pricey as estimates indicate when you consider that Deckers has had a history of issuing conservative guidance and subsequently blowing away analysts' projections.As strange as it may sound, Deckers could very well be the Apple of the shoe business.Taposh Bari, an analyst with Jefferies Co., wrote in a research note last week that he thinks current revenue and earnings estimates for 2011 are too low.

Whether they're on the right or the wrong side of the law, Kierston's women tend to be feisty, forceful and tough. Part of her screen appeal is that there's always a hint of the bad girl about her.

Cushion your feet with genuine plantation crepe soles! You can strut in a pair of Clarks Wallabees too you know!Follow (0)Thanks for taking the time to read my lens on some of my favorite shoes Clarks Wallabees..



#3 by viepcls 02.01.2015 - 23:58
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cheap christian louboutin heels

"I think that what my work reflects is my personality. What I wear makes me feel good and I have to feel comfortable and I have to be, at the same time, in fashion with what I wear. I have to translate my feelings into what I do," Sarto said through a translator in an interview..

#4 by cheapchristianlouboutinviepcz0d3cls 13.01.2015 - 06:00
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louboutin's journalland record

Adam and Eve were black, as were God and Jesus. The white Jews were imposters, and the white race was cursed.

Shaving your face every day can be complicated. The ART OF SHAVING's recommended four step process includes preparation, lathering, shaving, and moisturizing all using the grooming and skin care company's panoply of products. Not only does the Copley Square outpost sell loads of accouterments from badger brushes and soap bowls to well appointed shaving sets but the staff will also give lessons on their proper use. After all, they argue, the average man shaves more than 20,000 times during his lifetime. He should make the most of it. So, when she got wind that BELLEZZA the tiny Newbury Street store chockablock with the traditional Italian majolica was going to close, she felt compelled to take action. Kraft bought the business and, in September, relocated it to a larger store on Route 9. With more space, she was able to beef up the inventory with antiques, crystal, Italian linens, and canvas floor cloths painted in colorful motifs that match the platters, pitchers, and jars. What else is new? Unlike the old location, the Newton shop has parking.

Although changes for the opener are unlikely, the coach kept the possibility open for the rest of the tournament.

Street Stalls and Markets The first place to check for a great pair of shoes in Bangkok is a street stall or a market.

' home opener against Howard on Sept. []'>In case you missed it picked up a big commit on Friday for 2016. Cardinal O'Hara (Springfield, Pa.) lineman Ted Field Jr.

originally from youtube and runway

and here the Glass Shoe Trend

are generally, probably will 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ Q by Pasquale is pleased to announce that the glass shoe trend is rapidly proving to be a defined luxury fashion trend for 2012. Having made the very first glass shoe in 2010, Designers are quick that you should follow louboutins cheap Pasquale Fabrizio, routinely known in Tinseltown as the "Cobbler to the celebs, luciano Louboutin just announced his plans for a glass slipper, Proving what fashion insiders have been indicating for decades, That Fabrizio knows high heel sandals! of late, The Associated Press hdtv News (earth's largest news service) Shot a TV news report featuring Q by Pasquale on biggest banking shoe trends for 2012 and included the glass trend. The TV news report will be fed to internet sites globally in May 2012.

The Q by Pasquale collection featuring Murano glass accessories is now in full production and obtainable for retail. built, Engineered and developed by Pasquale Fabrizio the shoes are wearable works of art featuring handcrafted soles, touches of Murano glass and 24 carat gold. Pasquale worked with artisans throughout Italy to unite the weather of shoe architecture, Quality materials cheap louboutins and loveliness, that literally brings to life the fairy tale of the glass slipper. The glass shoe is a get together of Pasquale's 5 year journey to bring this iconic shoe to the forefront of fashion.

The Q by Pasquale oregon studio has been cited by W and Town and Country as "The best on this planet" With clientele regarding Emmy, Grammy and Academy award winners, As well as probably the most passionate shoe aficionados from around the world. Pasquale has built his status through re crafting shoes for Hollywood's top studios and stars such as Madonna, angelina jolie, rihanna, doreen Jessica Parker, Chanel Iman, Christina Aguilera, George Clooney, ing Pacino, Tom trip, Will jones, jeff Hanks and cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100 Mick Jagger, Among numerous other stars. Fabrizio is a cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100 master shoemaker with exacting conditions cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100 and inspired artistry. He learned the skill of shoemaking through his family business, that steadily been making shoes for over fifty years.

Fabrizio launched his Q by Pasquale flagship boutique in san francisco in 2011. Located next door to his globally renowned Pasquale Shoe Repair, during 5616 San Vicente Blvd. 90019 just South of the phenomenon Mile, the beautiful boutique welcomes Hollywood's most fashionable stylists, famous people, And shoe aficionados. For an interview with Pasquale Fabrizio or for sample requests, Please contact.

#5 by Gerardcank 17.01.2015 - 10:24
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all that wonder is a lot of work

I expected we would stay an hour or two but we wound up staying the whole day. Had a great time.

Typically the best shopping has been across the border, and even online. But Vaughan Mills has been the best shopping I've found in the southern Ontario area. I say this in terms of store selection and pricing. Just avoid it during peak hours on weekends, and don't bother on a public holiday. Unless you like paying top prices, don't waste your time at Yorkdale. But it still doesn't quite beat the prices and selection in the USA, like Great Lakes Crossing in Michigan. But it's good to see the options getting better on Canadian soil.

Painting is a great artistic outlet and having the proper tools will

Minimizing reddish colored eyesight will increase the quality of your photographs and offer your subject matter a far more sensible appearance..

"No one ever sees the full vision of a collection," says T RIK, a former wardrobe stylist and brand consultant. Label of '70s inspired garb was channeling "Charlie's Angels" back when high waist denim still meant "mom jeans." Along with pieces from the spring collection, shoppers will be able to purchase the quirky runway extras that make the Grey Ant fashion shows memorable, including those buzz inducing aviators and morbidly cool acrylic rat necklaces, designed by New York jewelers Alex + Chloe. 741 New High St., Los Angeles.

Upscale outlets planned for Eagan

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Michael kors handbags
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#6 by cheapchristianlouboutinviepcz0d3cls 21.01.2015 - 18:59
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cheap louboutin shoes or go on a yarn

Being drawn to people with problems that need fixing, or by being emeshed in situations that are chaotic, uncertain, and emotionally painful you avoid focusing responsibility to yourself Which totally explains her attraction to Jack Berger, Alexander Petrovsky and the irrepressible Mr Big, (with whom she had that affair while he was married to Natasha a woman who bears more than a passing resemblance to Brody's wife Jessica if ya ask me) It also explains at least some of the motivation behind her friendship with Miranda. I mean, come on! Drawing someone that negative and critical into your friendship circle says a lot about a girl self esteem..

Your private mission assertion is just not only about getting what you want away from perform or even the folks about you, it truly is also about providing back again towards the globe as well as your family members. This mission statement will help you to find out just exactly where you stand in the world and help you to find out just what you ought to be undertaking for those about you. Take your time with this mission declaration and see how you are able to alter the planet for your far better. In case you realize that there's a lot more that you could be undertaking for the complete world then this may allow you to to recognize those desires at the same time.

For all the antics actor Shahid Kapoor puts up in his upcoming movie Phata Poster Nikhla Hero , the man of the hour certainly keeps the entertainment going off the screen as well.

It was probably really easy for her, doesn mean it will be easy for everyone else.

However, one best not be swayed by this and keep in mind that this is the party that selected George Bush as their leader and kept supporting him throughout the most miserable years in the history of our country. Remember their famous saying You can put lipstick on a pig, but it still a pig. She anchors the Sunday evening editions of 69 News and features area destinations as part of her popular "One Tank Trip" series.

cheap christian louboutin christian louboutin shoes bowed black leather pump on ladyluxuryshoes

#7 by cheapchristianlouboutinviepcz0d3cls 28.01.2015 - 21:53
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cheap christian louboutin march of dimes signature chefs auction

After careful examination I realized that they did not appear to be solid gold as the backs of them were silver. Either this was a silver plate or the silver was the base metal and there was a plate or gold filled.

What is your style quotient?I like wearing outfits that suit my body and personality. Styles come and go. Not every style suits people. For me, simple dressing goes a long way. I do not succumb to trends.Which are the colours you prefer?I prefer wearing dark, deep colours like emerald green, royal blue and maroon. Even though the fashion police has been going at me over my footwear choices, they don't know that I have a foot problem, which is why I prefer wearing comfortable shoes.Your idea of party wear?If I am clear in my head about what I want to wear, I don't take too long to get dressed. While going for awards ceremonies, I prefer wearing Indian clothes. Otherwise, a comfortable dress is my outfit of choice.Your little experiments in style?I ended up perming my hair twice and regret it!Your best fashion buy?My Christian Louboutin wedges.Most extravagant fashion purchase?I don't remember which one in particular, but I splurge on handbags.Best fashion trend?Hoop earings! When I started my career, I used to wear them all the time. I still see women wearing them today.Worst fashion trend?The colourful plastic earrings in different shapes. Too tacky!What designer item/s are on your fashion wishlist?I don't have a wishlist. If I like something, I buy it. If you had just two minutes to put together the perfect outfit, what would it be? A dress is the easiest and goes with every occasion.

The staff are mostly uneducated rednecks. I was sitting in a Juvenile Detention Center for 20 days prior to my going to Teen Challenge, and the food there (same stuff county jails get) was WAY

The stores are very well planned with shoes placed at eye level and different styles of shoes being grouped together.

She once had to muster the courage to hawk her wares 6 to 12 times a month on home shopping channel QVC. Blakely had early practice wrestling with anxiety when she occasionally did standup comedy. "Every time I went onstage I was so terrified I almost threw up," she recalls.

addicted which entails runners

#8 by cheapchristianlouboutinviepcz0d3cls 02.02.2015 - 01:59
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louboutins cheap but there's no pumpkin carriage and no mice footmen

The makeup department, Lorrin Lynn, 24, a CPA, got a free makeover at Bobbi Brown after buying her special FNO lipstick. She also went hunting for reality star Bethenny Frankel showing off her shapewear line in the intimates department and star Emily Maynard at the Benefit Cosmetics counter..

Drawers falling out of the dresser. Holes in the bedspread. Holes in the sheets. The carpeting was shredded in a few spots. They didn't even clean the toilet properly. I've stayed in plenty of "budget" motels and hotels. So I know what to expect. But this is worse than the worst Motel 6 I was forced to stay in off Hwy 5 in Coalinga.

Shoe lovers will be appalled to learn that the vivid slip ons have even won a prestigious award: trade publication Footwear News named Crocs its 2005 brand of the year.

The size of India's underground economy and the amount of lost taxes is widely debated, but even the lowball figures are immense in a country with a nearly $2 trillion GDP.

After tales of Broderick's alleged philandering and the couple's failed attempts to provide a sibling for six year old James Wilkie, it seems it's a Wonderful World for them as they at last prepare to become parents again. SJP was even spotted cosying up to Broderick at the after party for his new film, wearing a skin tight Narciso Rodriguez dress and sizzling pink Christian Louboutin heels. Try wearing that lot when you're six months pregnant with twins..

cheap louboutin shoes and particularly in one such as richmond

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work wordpress blog

One of the most gorgeous wholesale corset she wore was the Lanvin for H gown at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in 2010. This black dress with one shoulder made her look incredibly sexy and beautiful.

Additionally, in all honestly, "future CEO" and such like that is likely to have fairly traditional clothing that is just exquisitely cut and material. Formal men wear hasn changed a hell of a lot, and those who rise to the top in business tend to outwardly maintain fairly classic values / taste. If we want to talk of standard cyber punk universes you likely talking a stupid expensive potentially cut to disguise bullet proof vest or such. And that assuming a level of unrest and constant threat enough to warrant such a thing.

Q: So your shoes make a statement beyond fashion?

This increased interest in vinyl raises a tricky question for smaller indie labels and musicians.

The save would ultimately pave the way for a Portuguese winner deep in stoppage time. Moutinho delivered an enticing ball toward the penalty area. Alves found himself in acres of space and twisted his header past the diving Ochoa to give Portugal a victory at the death and dash Mexico's hopes of concluding its friendly slate with a positive result..

cheap louboutin heels including the pop up sales

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stuck in a mom uniform

If, like me, you're not into orthopaedic looking shoes, are a great option for making any old shoes good for pregnancy. A friend of mine (who isn't pregnant) has become so addicted to the comfort these add that she now buys her shoes a little bigger to accommodate the insoles (for obvious reasons, they make your shoes fit more snugly).

So, flat shoes are now in fashion but not the flat shoes you have. What would be the point of promoting something you already own? Then you wouldn't have to go out and buy new ones, you silly sausage. Because if you really don't understand that the ultimate point of fashion trends is to make people go out and buy new shizzle, then, truly, my years of labour have been for naught. Anyway, this means that ballet flats and gladiator sandals are gone, baby, gone. Now, some of you might be saying: "Thank heavens, gladiator flats were always ridiculous and left stupid rash marks all up my calf. But ballet flats? Come on! They're just a classic, one that goes beyond fashion!" And you people would be right. But nobody likes a wiseacre on the front row of the fashion world so sit your bottom down. Brogues are still acceptable, though their time is certainly almost up, and those annoying slipper style shoes, which made everyone look to me like Alistair Cookie from Sesame Street seem to be clinging on. But these ones are really in the mainstream of flat shoe fashion.

But they could raise both eyebrows in unison and I'd still wear them. And that because I happen to like them. They're kooky, different and best of all they don't have a heel.

Hot items and popular toys tend to increase in price as they get more scarce leading up to Christmas, so cross those off your list first.

However, they have cut the Q2 averages by $0.83 billion and $0.30, respectively. Analysts have also taken down later quarters, so the full fiscal year (ending September 2013) estimates continue to be cut, since there are more analysts that provide full year estimates than quarterly ones. The table below shows how full year estimates have come down since Apple's last report in October.

Five Questions You Should Ask About Discounted Ugg Boots

#11 by cheap real jordan viepcz0d3cls 13.02.2015 - 18:04
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since when has x factor judge

Have the kids write and put on a play or a concert. There are educational sites on the web that offer music for kids along with free activities that can promote new learning in fun ways..

I'm pretty competitive. So I love any kind of fitness challenge that pits youagainst other people. CrossFit did just that. We had eight minutes to complete as many rounds of our three circuit workout as possible. This got my competitive juices flowing and subsequentlyI managed to do far better than I thought I could and beat the boys. Losers.

What a shame your HR and office muppet colleagues have nothing to say against Tone van Vt who like to have s e x with his next door neighbour behind his wife's back,.

In A375 cells, A RAF and C RAF siRNA both suppressed DNA synthesis by approximately 50%.

Will often seek CAM therapies for their disease,"says Fox. Makes it difficult for clinicians to always understand the potential benefits and side effects of the various therapies. These guidelines assimilate a large number of CAM therapies into a single source for clinicians by having a guideline for many CAM therapies all in one place so clinicians are better armed to counsel their patients.


#12 by Fitchcarl 25.02.2015 - 12:22
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#13 by uggs outlet locationscls 27.02.2015 - 21:21
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Sam de Brito commentary on this weeks reflection of racism is amazing and outrageous. Here he is attempting to do the right thing and shame Eddie McGuire for his rash statements, But in reality all he has done is paint an image that does just encourage his readers to think of black people as brutish, Violent hot heads with severe pre evolutionary response tactics. See any excellent parallels,

As a store, Just because you have a Twitter feed or a Facebook page doesn't mean your enterprise is going to do well. But if for you to do well, You better have some kind of social media. Not only can you employ the site to engage current customers, But also to cast that net a bit wider and bring in brand new ones,

every. any kind of a 4.5 star Beverly Hills West movie area hotel for $228 per night. Sofitel which is in the Beverly Grove regional which is in between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. as being a, MS main argument seems to be simply that I in a small minority and that ugg outlets it just too improbable that I right. She hopes that i will "simple" My beliefs. The truth is that i am the moderate here, trying to practical and just solutions, The extremist position being the view that every single human being in the six million square mile territory of the nation must be here only with the permission of a government bureaucracy.

There nothing any better then a great American road trip! I get a lot of overseas travelers as clients and many are arranging similar trips. Almost him or her end up going to SF, are generally, nevada, holiday, power, And NYC or some mixing thereof. How refreshing to see someone curious about a lesser known part of the USA! Nashville and Memphis have a such a great music history and scene and you mentioning Mississippi makes me think when you find yourself blues fans.

any of the sexiest boots to ever be created is the Frye boots. It is perhaps has landed a cornerstone in American culture and has been loved by cowboys everywhere in the land. But do not underestimate such ruggedness for it was already been featured in a lot of fashion spreads around the world,

As a native New Yorker, Who was in the town during 9/11, The death of Osama bin Laden provides less comfort than it may in experienced 9/11 via the media, decryption, And symbol. For me the event was visceral. even today, i've never seen a video image of the towers' collapse.

Leisure and stylish combines quite well in this new relex handbag. a great deal more thank the designer of this bag very much. That is he who bestows ugg outlet store online us more choices and feelings. I find it easiest to just buy the raw almonds and make it at home with a blender. It only takes some time to make and you can create your own version by adding a ugg outlet online bit sea salt, honey, Agave nectar or walnut syrup, And grinding to a crunchy or smooth look whichever you prefer. Transfer almonds to the bowl of a blender and process for 6 8 minutes or until the consistency is smooth.

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"The city of Kenai took this accusation seriously, as it should have. And they assigned a city attorney to investigate, as it should have. The female employee was reassigned to another supervisor. This is a standard human resource response in a case like this where an accusation has been made and it protects all parties involved. It is not a finding of fact. I cooperated openly and fully with this investigation. I told the investigating attorney and subsequently the council everything that happened. I admitted that there had been three or four hugs in the workplace. I adamantly denied that I ever chased after her or that it was anything other than a friend to friend, or reciprocal, if anything initiated by her at least half the time. That it was not anything that I was chasing or pursuing. And I explained our outside work relationship and cooroborated that.
Cove is genuinely a ideal shelter for your feet for the duration of winter. This contemporary footwear comes getting a 1 ? inch cork infused rubber heel for greater traction on different surfaces. Split side and leather wrap particulars about the ankle region provides stylish look and secure fit. What else an individual can wish for when each the style and comfort needs are fulfilled to the full extent.
The Giants have nine free agents, several of whom were key members of the World Series run. Leadoff hitter Angel Pagan and No. 2 hitter Marco Scutaro both are free agents and are at the top of the offseason to do list for Sabean and his staff. The Giants have indicated that bringing Pagan and Scutaro back is a top priority, but it could be difficult, especially with Pagan. The 31 year old center fielder broke through in 2012, hitting .288 with 95 runs scored, 61 extra base hits and 29 stolen bases.
St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, Nike Shox Shoes for men although he was born in Britain, around 385AD. cheap Nike Shox Shoes His parents Calpurnius and Conchessa were Roman citizens living in either Scotland or Wales, men's Nike Shox Shoes according to different versions of his story.2.

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Jason wholesale nba jerseys It was in Paris they and LePere fell for each other.They'd known each other since 1990, when LePere joined the provider as an intern, but there seemed to be something about being together abroad that solidified things."I was supporting [House Speaker] John Boehner on his opposition to somewhat of a bailout bill for Fannie and Freddie," he explained. gorgeous choice of cleaners available for sale which includes: Petrol rosacea products, red answer, minimal foaming cosmetic solutions, zits alternative to botox solutions, and also facial purifiers adult males.Examining facial cleanser reviews online could help you get the. cheap nfl jerseys china For a second, just as the software been on the freestyle give also, the 100m butterfly species, it again regarded as if the purpose of 8 seemed to be extremely money grubbing.Somewhat more elegant Phelps got finalized his or her lower calf.

#16 by Roger 19.04.2015 - 12:14
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Thank you for featuring the beautiful images-- so vulnerable to a feeling of reflection.

#17 by Halina 31.05.2015 - 06:28
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That is a beautiful photo with very good lighting .

#18 by Edna 06.06.2015 - 21:24
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Calculatoare Second In the absence of an cross-over Cat 5 network cable (the standard method of connecting two PCs), connecting a laptop with a PC (and even connecting two laptops or two PCs) using a USB cable is an oft-considered solution. You is not going to lose any file or folder that you just saved following the restore point date.
Together with Computer satellite TV, you receive to observe a lot more plans. calculatoare second hand ieftine

#19 by Millard 10.06.2015 - 23:35
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calculatoare second hand Whichever way, an allowance computers marketplace is flooded with umpteen models and types.
For instance, Dell sells reconditioned laptops straight away to consumers, allowing customers to save on their cost while still experiencing the great service that made the emblem famous. However, the truth in the matter is that they are quite expensive.


#20 by Gregorio 11.06.2015 - 00:32
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pc second hand The discount code 6WWZ2FL5JX8JV1 needs to be copied and pasted into the discount code field on the shopping cart screen. For instance, Dell sells reconditioned laptops right to consumers, allowing customers to lower your their price while still experiencing the great service that made the company famous.

Manufacturers are really sure relating to refurbished computer equipment that they can offer the original warranties. calculatoare second

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